Failure is an Option

In an effort to be more efficient during painting the Bonelords I picked up a can of Rustolum Gloss Ivory Spray Primer. My train of thought was that this would allow me to combine the steps I use to prime and basecoat the models. The time savings would only be a few minutes but that can add up over several batches, so I figured that it would be worth it.

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A Horde of Blood, Part 2

Last post I gushed over the sheer number of different combinations that can be assembled from the Bloodreavers kit. For this post I want to talk about some of the standout bits.

One of my favorite parts is the hornblower head. The mouth is open and the cheeks are actually puffed out as if he’s blowing the horn. The horn itself has a mouthpiece that actually fits into the hornblower’s mouth!

Even though I say that it’s my favorite part, when I was building the minis I committed the cardinal sin of not reading the instructions, and I assembled the hornblowers “incorrectly”. They’re not positioned as intended and now I had two hornblowers with their mouths open and their cheeks puffed out, but not actually doing anything.


It looked a little awkward (okay, a lot awkward) so I shaved down their cheeks to try and make them look like they’re just shouting. If I ever put this kit together again I’ll be sure to assemble it “correctly” because I really like the idea of them actually blowing on the horns while charging into battle.

I was also quite happy with the fact that the kit included a number of left handed Meatrippers as well as the right handed versions. GW’s kits are usually pretty thin for left handed options, so it’s nice to see some well executed options in this kit.

One major complaint I have is that there’s no clear Meatripper Axe options for the hornblowers and banner bearers. The hornblowers can be equipped with a one handed axe easily enough, but the banner bearers have no options for a one handed axe held in the left hand. Without conversions, they would have to be given left handed knives.

To remedy this, I took a left arm that was holding an axe out of some leftover Bloodreaver bits. I was able to get it to fit more or less seamlessly, but it’ll still need some minor greenstuffing to fill a tiny gap or two. For the other banner bearer I had to cannibalize another extra arm and replace it’s knife with the upper portion of one of the left over Meatripper Axes. Here’s a picture of the results.


Here’s an extra helping of goodness. After assembling the kit with Meatripper Axes, it has another 20 heads, 20 sets of Reaver Blades, and a banner and horn left over. That means that were I to get my hands on another set of Bloodreaver bodies, I would be able to build another 20 Bloodreavers armed with Reaver Blades without having to shell out for another complete box.

Looking at the listings on Ebay I found that a set of x20 Bloodreaver bodies runs at about $15-$16 USD pre-shipping. I can’t think of another single kit that allows you to double it’s contents for only an additional 40% of it’s base price.

I have another two boxes of Bloodreavers that I’m going to arm with Meatripper axes. I could have another 80 Bloodreavers on my desk for another $80 USD with shipping instead of buying two more complete boxes for $232 USD before shipping. That will leave me with a total of 80 sets of Reaver Blades and Bloodreaver heads just begging for bodies. If I do hit up eBay I will have a horde of 200 Bloodreavers. 80 armed with Meatripper axes, and 120 armed with Reaver Blades…

Oh, and I’m pretty sure I have another half of the AoS Khorne Starter on the way from a trade with a buddy, so that means 20 more that I’m going to need to convert…

I’m pretty sure I have a problem…

Anyone want some custom converted Bloodreavers?

A Horde of Blood, Part 1

Author’s Note: I’m trying out a new layout for these massive blocks of text I tend to write. Though it kills my English Major heart, I’m breaking the text up into smaller chunks, and spacing them out so they have “whitespace” between them. This is suppose to make it easier to read on a phone. It also makes the entire post a little less intimidating at first sight.

I’m also going to begin splitting up the posts into more than one part so that each part is not as long of a read. Ill try posting twice as often to make sure I’m putting out the same amount of content though.

Let me know if you find it easier to read, if there’s a difference in your experience, or if it makes your eyes want to begin weeping and gnashing their teeth, tear their clothes, and cover themselves in ashes.

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Another Priest of the Blood God

After purchasing Goretide I found myself with an additional Khorne Slaughterpriest. I had already started work on the first, and with my general distaste for duplicate models I knew that this one had to undergo the (hobby) knife to have a place at my table. I apologize for the lack of in-progress pictures, I had already finished the conversion before starting the blog.

Here’s the finished product:


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Bonelord Leader Rollcall

I picked up a copy of Gorechosen as soon as it came out. The primary reason I’d been looking forward to this game are the miniatures that come with it. I’m currently focusing on either converting or purchasing each of the Bloodbound Leaders. The miniatures in Gorechoosen fill three of the ten Leader spots I need to fill for the Bonelords. Not only is the game a fantastic deal for the models, all the reviews of the actual game I’ve read have been really positive. The box itself is covered in beautiful artwork, and the artwork on the game pieces are equal in quality. The colors are incredibly vibrant and the pieces have a nice semi-gloss finish to them. The double-sided game board has two different arenas each with completely different art that includes a different set of impassible terrain.

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